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Ergo is an exploration of collaborative roleplay, originally designed to be a complete roleplaying system.

Ergo One

I wrote Ergo 1 at the end of 1999 as a response to thinking about roleplaying without a gamesmaster. I wanted to create a complete new roleplaying game with its own set of mechanics.

I got the CoRP part done, but never got on to the mechanics.

You can download the document in text form, if you want to read it.

Some people say that it reads okay, others say that it is terribly boring (I was writing my PhD at the time - so I have an excuse).

Ergo Two

I started on a shorter version, called Ergo 2, at the end of 2000. I also started to find out about some of the games coming out of Hogshead Publishing, and some of the other folks around the world working on CoRP style games.

I stalled the development of the second edition because I changed my mind as to how this CoRP should be done. I am now working on another CoRP thread.